Press Release/April 30, 2021

Department of Health (DOH) - CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon) Assistant Regional Director Paula Paz M. Sydiongco today issued a statement clarifying the social media post of a staff nurse of Mount Carmel Diocesan General Hospital in Lucena City, Quezon who received Php681.82 for his special risk allowance or SRA.

According to Dr. Sydiongco, based on the Certificate of Employment (COE) and Daily Time Records (DTR) of Mark Raven Dominguez, as validated by the concerned hospital in which he was employed, he only reported physically for work to the hospital for three (3) days for the month of November 2020 and none for September, October and December of the same year.

“The amount he received, which he posted on his social media page is equivalent only to the three (3) days he reported for work, as shown in his validated daily time record,” she stated.

“Furthermore, the Administrative Order No. 36, series of 2020, authorizing the grant of SRA to private and public health workers only apply to health workers directly serving or in contact with Covid-19 patients. It is computed by the actual number of days a staff is physically reporting for work,” she explained.

In addition, the regional office has already downloaded PhP1,997,640.91 to Mount Carmel Diocesan General Hospital on March 9, 2021 for the payment of SRAs of health workers based on their validated COEs and DTRs.

“We hope that this will enlighten the matter. And for future concerns, we advised our health workers to file their complaint directly to the regional office of the to the hospital concerned. As necessary, avoid posting issues and concerns publicly through social media as this will only cause conflict and anxiety to the public who have no knowledge of the issue at hand.”

“The Department of Health remains committed in addressing issues and concerns raised by our medical frontliners and ensures the adaption of policies for the protection, welfare and benefit of all health care workers, especially during this pandemic,” Sydiongco emphasized.
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DOH-CALABARZON Assistant Regional Director clarifies the issue regarding the Php681 special risk allowance received by a staff nurse of Mount Carmel Diocesan General Hospital in Lucena City. The remuneration given was based on his service rendered for the year 2020 as shown by his daily time record and validated by his employer.