Press Release/18 August 2018
Department of Health (DOH) – CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon) yesterday started the physical examinations of Dengvaxia vaccinees who were already profiled to assess their overall health as part of the service delivery program of the regional office.


“This is a wellness check to enable us to know if there are changes or any health concerns have occurred in their body such as on-going pain or symptoms that they are experiencing since they were vaccinated,” Regional Director Eduardo C. Janairo stated.
“We need to have an accurate medical information about the effects of the vaccine, if there are any, that can be used to generate definite health decisions based on these physical exams,” he emphasized.
According to Janairo, the PE aims to identify any issues that may become medical concerns in the future, ensure that every vaccinee are maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine and also to check for possible diseases that may occur, so they can be treated immediately.
According to the Regional Epidemiology Surveillance Unit (RESU), there are a total of 17,565 Adverse Event Following Dengvaxia Immunization (AEFDI) cases reported from July 28 to August 10, 2018 with 56 deaths recorded. Majority of cases, 9,116 were female. Age ranged from 2 years old to 46 years old.
Laguna province had the highest number of reported AEFDI cases with 5,282 (30%) cases followed by Batangas with 4,639 (26%), Cavite - 3,637 (20%), Quezon – 2,453 (14%) and Rizal – 1,554 (9%).  There are 1,475 AEFDI cases admitted and 338 (23%) were diagnosed with Dengue fever.
For dengue fever cases, there are a total of 9,935 cases reported from January 1-August 4, 2018 with 62 deaths. This is 9% higher compared to the same period last year with 9,108 cases. Cavite has the highest dengue cases recorded with 2,782 followed by Rizal with 2,254 and Laguna with 2,155. Batangas and Quezon has 1,786 and 958 respectively.
“The continuing monitoring activity is our commitment to provide support for Dengvaxia vaccinees in the region.” Janairo concluded.
IMG 0063Dr. Parnell C. Patacsil, Chief of Hospital of the Sta Rosa Community Hospital in Laguna explains the x-ray result to the parent of a Dengvaxia vaccinee during the physical examination conducted on Friday, August 17, 2018. There were a total of 125 vaccinees who were examined.
IMG 0052A medical staff of the Sta Rosa Community Hospital examines one of recipients of the Dengvaxia vaccine in Sta Rosa City, Laguna during the physical examination conducted on Friday, August 17, 2018. A total of 125 recipients were examined.
IMG 0039A DOH nurse takes the the body mass index of a dengvaxia vaccinee during the physical examination for Dengvaxia vaccinees held at the Sta Rosa Community Hospital in Sta Rosa City, Laguna on Friday, August 17, 2018.