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Press Release/07 July 2018

Department of Health (DOH) – CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon) together with health workers of government health facilities in the Province of Laguna Province signed the Pledge of Commitments and Health Sectors Provider’s Agreement to provide a more effective and functional service delivery network and referral system among local government units on June 30, 2018 at the Sta Rosa Auditorium, Sta Rosa City, Laguna.
“Service Delivery Network is the most important factor in a functional health system because it provides for a well-defined people’s access and referral system which begins at home then advances to the nearest health facility,” Regional Director Eduardo C. Janairo stated during his welcome message.
“Local health workers must also be well-organized so that health programs and services needed by patients or clients will be delivered effectively with less financial burdens in order to attain the fundamental objectives for health, such as responsiveness, financial risk protection and better health outcomes for all,” he added.
According to Janairo, people-centered strategies and integrated health service approaches are needed to achieve universal health coverage. “We need to focus and organized health care around the health needs and expectations of communities, rather than that of diseases. Promotive and preventive care will be emphasized.”
“The integrated health services include management and delivery of quality and safe health services so that people receive a continuum of health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, disease-management, rehabilitation and palliative care services, traditional, complementary and alternative medicine (TCAM) and food and nutrition”.
Director Janairo emphasized that a good service delivery network has a 7-point assistance system that includes immediate first response (access, consultations, blood, hospitalization, transfer); mobility/transportation (pre and post hospitalization); drugs and medicines; laboratories and other diagnostic work-ups; maintenance of chronically ill (blood transfusion, dialysis, drugs and medicines); medical procedures; and post treatment/hospitalization.
“Service delivery network is putting people at the center of care, taking into consideration their preferences and expressed needs, coordinating and integrating care and working together to make sure there is good communication, information and education and ensuring there is continuity between and within services to ensure that people will have access to appropriate care where and when they need it,” Janairo emphasized.
“It is time that we change the concept of service delivery because it is not just a referral system and facilities development IT IS the arrangement with access of people in the health system and the availability of health interventions to reduce the burden of diseases,” he concluded.

DOH CALABARZON Regional Director Eduardo C Janairo affixes his signature on the Pledge of Commitment Board during the signing of the Pledge of Commitment and Health Service Provider's Agreement held at the Sta Rosa City Coliseum in Sta Rosa City, Laguna on June 29, 2018

Laguna health workers affixes their signature on the Pledge of Commitment Board while Regional Director Eduardo c Janairo looks on during the signing of the Pledge of Commitment and Health Service Provider's Agreement held at the Sta Rosa City Coliseum in Sta Rosa City, Laguna on June 29, 2018